Web Fresh Report is an API Freshservice connector TM allowing data access for PowerBI, Excel and other ODATA consumers.

Please follow the instructions below:


Register new user. The credentials will be later needed to retrieve data 



After registration navigate to the Service tab and enter Freshervice URL and Api Key.


To get your API key:

  • Login to your Freshservice account.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner choose "Profile settings".
  • Your API key will be on the right pane.


Then launch refresh data. If connection is successful 90 recently updated tickets will be retrieved.





Open Power BI desktop. To connect to an OData feed, select Get Data > OData Feed from the Home ribbon in Power BI Desktop.




In the OData Feed window that appears, type or paste URL https://webfreshreport.azurewebsites.net:443/odata   feed URL into the box, and select OK.



Choose basic authorization and enter credentials used during the registration process.


Power BI Desktop connects to the OData feed, and displays the available tables. Tables TicketsV2 and StatsV2 may be empty if your system does not support V2 interface. The Navigator window shows a preview of the currently selected table.




Select the Load button, and import all of the data tables elements selected in the left pane. When we select Load, Power BI Desktop imports the selected items, and displays a Load window of the import progress. The version will retrieve 90 recently modified tickets.


Please navigate to Offer to find out more.

If you have any problem with using the service please contact us. We will be more that happy to help.